About US

Founded in 1934, R&R Provisions is a family-owned and -operated food distributor and manufacturer providing custom-cut steaks, meats and assorted food products to a range of food service and retail customers throughout the Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennsylvania and across the mid-Atlantic region.

Operating out of Easton, Pennsylvania, R&R Provisions serves various restaurants, country clubs, culinary arts schools, hospitals and nursing homes with a large selection of wholesale products and in-house favorites including corned beef brisket, lobster tails and boneless Delmonico steaks.

In addition to the wholesale business, R&R operates a retail store in Easton, where customers can stock up on grocery store essentials and in-house favorites like veal patties, sausage and scrapple — a regionally beloved take on meatloaf popularized by the Pennsylvania Dutch that is a top seller among area diners.

“We’re not just a food distributor, we’re also a manufacturer and we make a lot of products in-house. We also do custom cuts of steaks — beef, pork, lamb, veal — that’s really our forte,” says Rick Rogers, president of R&R Provisions.

Family ownership continues

R&R Provisions started off as a specialty food supplier over 80 years ago when it was founded by two men named Ralph and Russ, who lent their names to the new company. In 1980 Richard “Rocky” Rogers bought out some of the original owners and in 1991, called on his son Rick to help buy out the remaining partner and turn R&R Provisions into a family business where Richard still serves as CEO.