Deli Menu


American White/Yellow $4.19/lb
Clearfield White American $5.79/lb
Cooper Sharp American $5.59/lb
Land o Lakes White American        $5.69/lb
Mozzarella $4.99/lb
Provolone $5.69/lb
Hot Pepper Cheese $5.19/lb
Domestic Swiss $6.09/lb

Pork Roll

By the pound $5.50
Case's Pork Roll  
3 lbs $13.10
6 lbs $25.75
Trenton Pork Roll   
3 lbs $14.85
6 lbs $29.10
*$1 charge to slice full roll  

Deli Meat

   German Bologna $4.19/lb
    Lebanon Bologna $5.79/lb
    Sweet Lebanon Bologna          $5.79/lb
Capicola $4.99/lb
    R&R Smoked Ham $5.29/lb
    Domestic Cooked Ham $4.69/lb
Liverwurst $3.49/lb
P&P Loaf $4.69/lb
Pepperoni $6.19/lb
Roast Beef $6.59/lb
Hard Salami $5.49/lb
Turkey Breast $6.69/lb
when available   
Buffalo Chicken $6.29/lb
Chicken Breast $5.49/lb

Photo Credit: http://lehighvalleygoodtaste.com/restaurant/brief-history-scrapple

R&R Famous Scrapple

Made onsite, Always sold fresh!

Scrapple Box (2-6 lb Pans)       $22.50
Scrapple Pan (6 lbs) $11.85
By The Pound $2.29/lb