Retail Store

The following items are popular items found in the store. There are more products and specials available in store, if you have any questions about a product or its availability please call 610- 253-3615. 

Popular Bulk Items

Burgers (10lbs) $33.00
(50/3oz, 40/4oz, 30/5oz)  
Hot Dogs (12 lbs;120 hot dogs) $26.00
Meatballs (1 oz Raw; 8 lbs) $24.00
Sausage Patties (8lbs) $23.00
(40/3oz-Round; 64/2oz-Oblong)   
Italian Links (32/4oz;8 lbs) $28.00
Finger Link Sausage (8lbs) $32.00
(128/1oz or 62/2oz)  
Plain Veal (40/4oz;10lbs) $31.00
Gold Breaded Veal (30/5.3oz;10lbs) $34.00
Red Breaded Veal (40/4oz;10lbs) $30.00 
Oblong Cube Steak (22/6oz; 8lbs)   $36.00
Butter Steaks (20/6oz;8lbs)  $28.00 
Pizza Patties (40/4oz; 10lbs) $31.00
Salisbury Steak (22/6oz; 8lbs)  $30.00 
R&R Scrapple (2-6lb Pans)  $22.50
Fresh Country Sausage (10lb)(PREORDER ITEM)  Market Price 
Sliced Knuckle Steak Meat (1olbs)(PREODER ITEM)     Market Price 

Beef Products

Butter Steaks Box (20/6oz)  $28.00
Butter Steak Pack $4.19/lb
Oblong Cube Steak Box (22/6oz) $32.00
Oblong Cube Steak Pack $5.30/lb
Salisbury Steak Box (22/6oz) $30.00
Salisbury Steak Pack  $4.40/lb
Pizza Patties Box (40/4oz) $31.00
Pizza Patties Pack  $3.89/lb
Baby Beef Liver  $3.79/lb
Sliced Steak Meat(Steak Sandwich)   $5.59/lb


R&R Meatball Box (1 oz Raw; 8lbs) $24.00
R&R Meatball Pack $4.59/lb
Cooked Meatballs (5 lb Bag) $24.00
(1/2 oz/160; 1 oz/80; 2 oz/40) 
Cooked Meatballs (Small Bag)  $5.00/lb
Italian Wedding Meatballs  $5.19/lb

RR BBQ/Chili

Beef BBQ 5 lbs $26.95
Beef BBQ 1 lb $7.50
Pork BBQ 5 lbs $19.85
Pork BBQ 1 lb  $5.25
R&R Hot Dog Chili    $4.09/lb


Fully Cooked Chicken Patties 5lb Bag $19.00
Fully Cooked Chicken Patties Pack $3.95/lb
Wings of Fire $5.75/lb
Chicken Fries $5.89/lb
Golden Breaded Chicken Fillets  $3.39/lb
Chicken Breast Nuggets $3.39/lb
Chicken Steaks (Perfect for Chicken Cheese Steak!) $4.29/lb
Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets (Perfect for Chicken Parmesan) $6.15/lb
Honey Stung Chicken  $4.99
Brandywine Chicken Fritters $5.05/lb
Italian Chicken Fingers $6.50/lb
Stuffed Chicken Breast $3.25
(Cordon Bleu; Broccoli and Cheese; Kiev; Parmesan; Wild Rice; & Bread Stuffing)  


Stuffed Shells 8 ct $6.95
Stuffed Shells 24 ct                    $20.85
Beef Raviolis  $4.29/lb
Cheese Raviolis $4.19/lb
Manicotti 6 pk $4.75

Fries and Potatoes

Shoestring Fries $3.89
Steak Fries $4.49
Regular Cut Fries $4.29
Crinkle Cut Fries $4.39
Tots $5.29
Chunky Diced Potatoes  $6.25
Potato Pancakes $8.39
Red Skin Potatoes $7.75
Herb Roasted Potatoes $5.89
Hashbrown Patties 20 ct $4.59
Twice Baked Potato 4pk- Cheddar $4.55
Twice Baked Potato 4pk- Sour Cream and Chive     $4.55


Not all soups are available in-stores at all times. Please call us at 610-253-3615 to check availability or pre-order a soup. Soup Supreme is currently changing their packaging to all bags equal 4 lbs, therefore the prices are changing. Updated prices will be updated once all new pricing is available. Please call us if you have any questions.

Cream of Broccoli Soup -54 oz  
Chicken with Wild Rice -52oz  
Pasta Fagioli -72 oz  
Tomato Florentine Soup -56oz  
Captain's Corn Chowder -72oz  
Vegetable Beef and Barely Soup -46oz  
Cream of Potato Soup -52oz  
New England Clam Chowder -52oz  
Chicken Noodle Soup -42oz  
Chicken and Dumpling -54oz  
Italian Wedding Soup -46oz  
Chicken and Gumbo -52oz  
Vegetable Beef Soup -60oz  
Bean with Ham Soup -72 oz  
Grande Chili with Beans -72 oz  
Split Pea with Ham -72 oz  
Minestrone -52 oz  
Yankee Pot Roast Soup -68 oz  
Cream of Mushroom Soup -44 oz  
Eight Bean Soup with Ham -68 oz  
Cheddar Vegetable Soup -44 oz  
Baked Potato Chowder -64 oz  
Seafood Gumbo -66 oz  
French Onion Soup -36 oz  
Harvest Vegetable Soup -70 oz  
Cheddar Cauliflower -52 oz  
Cream of Asparagus Soup - 52 oz  


Popular Items

Pack of R&R Hot Dogs             $2.85
Pan of Scrapple (6lbs) $11.85
Chicken Pot Pies  $3.50
Pizza Egg Rolls  $4.79
Cases 3lb Pork Roll $13.10
Schafer 1lb Chub $6.89

Fresh Steak

4oz Rib Eye   $4.00
8oz Strip Steak $6.00
8oz Delmonico  $7.00
8oz Tenderloins       $8.75

*If you would like a full box (10lbs) please call us at 610-253-3615 and the butcher will slice fresh for you.


10lb Burger Boxes $33.00 
3oz Burger Box 50 Burgers
4oz Burger Box 40 Burgers
5oz Burger Box 30 Burgers
Burgers by the Stack $3.79/lb
Fresh Steak Burgers (2 pack)  
6 oz $3.25
8oz $4.00


Red Breaded Veal Box (40/4oz) $30.00
Red Breaded Veal Pack $3.49/lb
Gold Breaded Veal Box (30/5.3oz)  $34.00
Gold Breaded Veal Pack $3.69/lb
Plain Veal Box (40/4oz) $31.00
Plain Veal Pack   $3.59/lb

Common Question: What is the difference between Red Breaded Veal vs. Gold Breaded Veal?        -Gold Breaded is ALL Veal, where Red Breaded has beef mixed in as well.


Italian Links Box (32/4oz) $28.00
Italian Links Pack  $3.75/lb
Finger Link Sausage Box $31.00
(128/1 oz; 62/2 oz)  
Finger Link Sausage Pack  $4.39/lb
Sausage Pattie Box $23.00
(Round-40/3oz; Oblong- 64/2oz)  
Sausage Pattie Stack $3.19/lb
Hatfield Cooked Sausage Patties      $3.89/lb


Icelandic Haddock Fillets   $8.10/lb
Breaded Crab Cakes (oven ready)             $5.60/lb
Stuffed Flounder 6 ct $20.49
Pub House Shrimp $9.49/lb
Shrimp Egg Rolls 5 ct $3.50
Breaded Clam Strips $1.25
Breaded Shrimp $2.49
Salmon Steaks 8oz  $4.49
Tuna Steaks 8oz $4.95
Premium Stuffed Clams 12pk $11.65
Breaded Haddock  $7.35/lb
Breaded Scrod $8.35/lb
Clams 1 lb $3.69

Fryer Foods & Misc Products

Mozzarella Sticks $8.15
Battered Broccoli and Cheese $15.59
Battered Cheese Cubes $18.50
Battered Hot Pepper Cheese Cubes $18.50
Battered Cauliflower $7.29
Battered Corn Nugets $6.75
Pierogies $5.79
Beer Battered Thick Cut Onion Rings                $8.79
Breaded Mac and Cheese Bites $16.65
Loaded Stuffed Nacho Dippers 10pk $4.50
Battered Mushrooms $8.35


Pizza Egg Rolls 5pk  $4.79
Meat Lovers Stromboli 3 ct $3.69
Matey's Frozen Pizza Small $3.50
Matey's Frozen Pizza Large              $5.49


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (24 ct)    $5.95
Sugar Cookie Dough (24 ct) $5.95
Peanut Butter Chip Cookie Dough (24 ct) $5.95
Funnel Cake (8 ct) $5.59
Apple Dumplings (6 ct) $12.79
Cannoli Filling (1.5 lbs) $7.19
Whip Topping $5.95
Vanilla Bettercreme $6.25
Chocolate Bettercreme $6.25
Pie Shells (5 ct) $8.75